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Andrews Final Project

by Andrew Palso


Esperanza Rising
esperanza is an only child with mexican parents. There is a big twist In events when papa gets killed by the bandits. Then their house gets caught on fire and abulita ankle gets hurt.
Then they get in a wagon and they are covered in gauvas. They are hiding from Tio luis and Tio Marcus. they get on a train to go to california.
Abulita did not go on the train with them she was hurt so she went with her sisters to the convent.
She gets to california with mama, Hortensia,Miguel, and Alfonso. She meets new people like Juan, Josefina,Isabel, and the babies, Pepe and Lupe.
Mama and the others went working. Esperanza and isabel are watching Pepe and Lupe , Esperanza leans how to clean and change diapers.