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Latest generation HP laptop

Price and place
$859,00 and the place is
The quality is of the latest generation and with the best designs

Opinion and recommendation
This laptop offers us a touch screen and also 8GB of RAM

Design and features
The price is quite affordable and accessible compared to current market prices.
I bought the HP Pavilion at for the price of $ 859.00.

The design lets you enjoy solid, entertaining performance with immersive features and a smaller form factor. The laptop has a multi-Touch screen. This can only be found in ceramic white and natural silver. This new model has better screen quality, while the old models came with graphic flaws. This laptop is fast and with a lot of storage whereas a cell phone or tablet is slow and with little storage. A problem with this product is that it has 8 GB of RAM, which in the times that we find ourselves are not enough for the multiple programs that exist.

 My opinion about this product is that it has great durability and I will be able to use it until I graduate from university. In addition, the price is reasonable and accessible compared to the characteristics of the product and compared to market prices. I would recommend buying this laptop.
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