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Ancient Rome

by Heather MacKinnon

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Early Rule of Ancient Rome
- Early ancient Rome was ruled by kings with Romulus ruling for 37 years.

- While Romulus was king, he established the military, the senate and a judiciary system.

- Romulus also waged war on his neighbours who were known as the Sabines.

- He was known for stealing the young women of the Sabines and Latins in order to form marriages with the men of ancient Rome.

- This caused problems between the groups of people around ancient Rome, and war broke out.

-When the war against the Sabines ended in stalemate, Romulus was forced to jointly rule with King Titus of the Sabines.

- Romulus went on to kill King Titus after 5 years and rule early ancient Rome solely on his own.
The Roman Empire
-Around 133BCE Rome entered a period of unrest and civil war.

-People in Italy rebelled against Rome's strict rule in 90BCE.

-During 73-71BCE a gladiator, named Spartacus led an army of runaway slaves in war against Rome.

-Rome defeated both of these rebellions.

-Meanwhile, Rome continued to expand its empire.

-The most successful general was Julius Caesar.

- He won victories in far-off areas and took the power in Rome.

- However, his enemies assassinated him in 44BCE. This set off another period of civil war.

- Pease finally came under the leadership of Caesar's grandnephew Octavian, who became Rome's first emperor.