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Alberta’s Economy And How It’s Shaped Us.

by Field Study 1

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What are Regions?
There are 3 types of regions, formal regions, functional regions, and vernacular regions.
A formal region is a place that has been established by the government. Some examples would be countries, city’s, provinces etc. A functional region is an area defined by a particular function like a bus route. Lastly a vernacular region is a place that has been formed from peoples perceptions and similar properties.
What is human
environment interaction?
Human environment interaction can be seen as how humans and the environment affect and interconnect with each other. We adapt to the environment to suit our needs, like creating bridges, clothing, cars etc. As well as also modifying it by making housing, clear ing land/agriculture and dams. We depend on the environment to keep providing us accommodations to live on and to keep producing food and water.
What is place?
Every place has different physical characteristics like mountains, rivers, lakes, flora and fauna, resources and even the climate. This helps differentiate places from each other. Also, there are cultural characteristics like the way people live in a specific area. Some examples are the way the land has been used, every day life, religions etc.
What is movement?
Movement is the travel of people, ideas, and goods from one location to another! People can move by cars, running, waking etc. Goods can move by shipping things in trucks boats and trains like the CPR. Ideas can be moved by word of mouth, letters, texting, newspapers etc.
What is location?
There are two types of location, relative and absolute. Relative location is the general area you are in that can be described by landmarks and other familiar places to reference off of. On the other absolute location is address, coordinates, the exact place you are at.
The geography of the west has shaped us by allowing us to have a thriving economy with multiple industries that have helped us settle and develop.

The flat, prairie lands and the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains attracted people to come explore and settle, as well as the abundant source of natural resources like oil, gold and timber. Also, the prairies were great for agricultural purposes so people wanted to claim them. Over time, homesteads, towns, and villages were developed and communities were formed. The more the societies in these towns and villages grew, the more self-sufficient and robust their economies became.

The West continue to attract people because of the climate, geography and industry’s. Places like the Cave & Basin still bring tourists to this which very day which still helps boosts the economy.
Photo 1: The Last Spike

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The reason I took this photo because it showed the train clearly but it also showed the nature and environment around it.