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Constantly Growing Mind

by Alfie


Constantly growing mind
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My Grit

There are some things with my grit that i’ve learned that I want to share. First that if i’m going to be gritty about something I have to want to do. If grit is about perseverance, why persevere in something I don’t want to do. Once that happens, I put as much effort as I can into understanding & accomplishing my work.
Where do I show my grit?
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Ive learnt I have a grit when it comes to learning new songs or techniques on the guitar. Sometimes I cant figure a song out so I leave, not to quit but to come back with a better mindset. Why would I keep trying after seeing I couldn’t do it yet? Because I want to, thats all grit is.
There are many ways I can use grit to show my skills, school is a good example. Persevering in your work & understanding why we’re learning is a way want to & will show my grit it. Another way I could show my grit is through video games. Which sounds stupid but its true, I decide I want to complete 100% of the game? Yeah ill do it, again only because I want to.

One of my fixed mindset areas is making art, its not something I do to much however when I do its not a black & white “this is good & this is bad” its just the idea that I cant improve or just don’t have the motivation to improve. One way I can fix this is to use inspiration whenever it hits & don’t take it as a test of my skill.
These were notes we took in class about Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Notes

- mindset of gaining intellect
- managing your time
- easy to give fixed mindset