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Growth Mindset Book

by Erik B


Growth Mindset Book
I realized that for me to put a lot of effort into something, I need to be passionate and have done that thing a lot, otherwise I lose interest. For example in DI At the start when we just got our groups I didn’t really want to do it . But overtime after working with my group a lot I became motivated and ready to show grit in DI.
I could improve and use these skills more by trying to put all my effort in from the start and gain that motivation that I need to finish the task at hand
I show these skills best in 2 places sports and school in school one I’ve started something I have grit to finish and in basketball I have grit to become better than the competition
Grow your mind and build your thinking
Fixed mindset only focus on end grade but growth mindset focus on how they learnt
A growth mindset is the key to success
You can make your brain smarter by training it.
If you work your brain for a long time and then stop working your brain you will lose the training you did with your brain
You can train yourself to have a growth mindset overtime
Reflection 2
Growth mindset
In basketball I use my mistakes to become better. And I learn from my mistakes
Fixed mindset
In school when I get a bad grade I don’t usually think how I could of done better
I get defensive about feedback
If I can I always revise and learn from the mistakes I made in the original assignment
I feel like I take bad grades or defeat quite personally I could try to learn from my mistakes to become a better person
✅ Reflection 3: Learning, Beliefs, and School

Well now I think that you aren’t just smart or dumb, it’s how much dedication and persistence that sets you apart from other people
I have gotten a lot of fixed mindset praise in elementary school where the teachers tell you you are smart when you get something right and you get rewarded, instead of focusing on the process and the learning. I’ve gotten growth mindset praise in basketball when my coach taught me how to learn from my mistakes mid game and adapt to the opponents play styles
I think you should be graded on the process and how you got there instead of getting graded on the final result
Reflection 4
I’m willing to try new things and learn from my mistakes to become better at what ever I’m doing. For example if I’m not sure about something then I’ll experiment with different things and find a good answer
Something that will help me succeed is things in things I can set different things I need to do hence the name, but I can also pick when I’m going to work on it and details about the event
I’m going to think of the end result of the hard work and failure will pay off. I’ll also think about how the process and failing is actually a really good experience