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Adopt an endangered animal

by Nora Unanue San Sebastian

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The Beakwingten is a vertebrate and bird. They are endangered because of the disease: This disease is called “Firbus”. If you eat plastic you can die in one day because of the toxicity. The Beakwingten doesn`t like the plastic. They are endangered because of the pollution. They can`t eat plastic. If they eat plastic they die.  

The body of the pinguin is long, black and white, they have wings blue and green, they also have tentacles purple and pink. At night the Beakwingten has X- ray vision. They are “trashivorous”: They eat every types of trash. They love the organic trash: Lemons, bananas, apples... 

They live in the trash  and their favourite habitat is the organic trash: Banana peel, Lemons peel, Apples peel... 

They are oviparous and their babies come out from the mouth. They play baseball with their tentacles they can also change the climate. Of course, it can run very fast. 


The Cacomuto is a Vertebrate animal. It is the only “malviparus” that lays eggs. They are critically endangered because, the earthquake destroyed the habitat and the climate change because it isn’t sun and they don’t change their color. If they are too much at sun, they change here color. 

They have a long and bushy tail, they have a lot of hair in the body. Their ears are big and they eyes too. They have short hands and feets. 
They are “ carewerryvore ” so they eat insects, grass, lettuce and stawberryes. When they are pregnant they eat so much strawberries!!! 

They are from the land of Japan. They life at the grassland in the japanese trees, but in the winter when they cold they go to the clouds with their tail. 

They are Malviviparous so they lay eggs and drink mothers milk. They make eggs whit the strawberries they can create fiven eggs more or less. 

The Cacomuto haves so much curiosities because it is a special animal, for example: 

-If they are to much at the sun they change their color and they eyes too. 
-They are the only Malviparous of the world. 
-There eggs haves a square shape and they make with strawberries. 
-They are so good friends. 

This animal lives 500-510 years. There are 2000 species left. It is 5 meters length and it is 5t weight. They live in any habitat of Argentina: Grassland, oceans, savannah, rainforest....   

This animal is vertebrate, mammal, fish and bird. They have got 2 eyes, 1fluffy tail, 4 legs and 2 wings.  

It is critically endangered because of heavy poaching, climate change, deforestation and pollution. 

Dibu Leo animal is carnivorous, they eat: Tarantula, tiger, fish, meat and another animal.  

This animal is oviparous. They lay eggs, 200 eggs in one year. They put eggs under the ocean or in the sky.  

This animal can run very-very fast (50.000 km/h). Dibu Leo flies faster than the fastest plane (100.000km/h). This special animal can see behind the walls, because they eyes are very-very special. They are the best football player in the world. This animal doesn´t burn because is special animal. Dibu Leo animal is the best player of golf in the world. This animal can change his colour to all the colour of the world.