Twinkle (by Nick Bland)

by Caitriona Tynan


A girl sitting on a rooftop
Twinkle by Nick Bland
Comic Panel 1
Then something unusual happened.
Penny Pasketti stared into space and pretended the stars were her friends. She imagined that every twinkle was a smile or a secret or some such wonderful thing.
Comic Panel 1
She ran downstairs with adventure in mind, and there she found....
Comic Panel 1
A friend.
Together, they chased the quietness away and filled the night with giggle and bounce.
Comic Panel 1
They even shared a secret or two.
But soon it was time for Little Star to go home.
Comic Panel 1
They thought of all the ways
And Penny Pasketti promised to help.
But Little Star was too heavy and the sky, too far away.
To make something go up.