My First Drum Performance

by Nakul


My First Drum Performance!
I was eating breakfast half asleep. I was eating my pancakes as slow as a sloth. Then my dad told me in an excited voice that I have my first Drum performance today! My mouth dropped, my spoon fell out of my hand. "What?, there is no way I can perform in front of a small crowd!" I yelled. "But you can't can't miss your first performance," my dad told me. Now I was starting to feel very nervous! I was already starting to shake a little bit. Now from the feeling of being tired, now I didn't feel that good anymore.
Nervous face! That was how I felt that time
I went upstairs and changed into my really good clothes. When I came down stairs my dad told me that the show was at around 5:00. After a while, it came to the point where it was time to leave and go for my performance! My family and I got into the car and drove off. My stomach felt oddly warm along the way. When we reached, I saw more people than I had expected. So I sat in a chair and waited for the announcer to call the song I am supposed to play the drums on.
We drove to the place
Then the announcer called up the song I was playing on. "Oh no" I said to myself. I was so nervous that my hands got clammy and I was shaking. I was already starting to sweat even before playing yet. Then my stomach lurched as soon as I heard someone say, "Where is the drummer of this song?" Now I felt even worse! I was so humiliated! My face was as red as a strawberry! My mom and dad quickly whispered "You can do it, you are an amazing drummer, there is nothing to be nervous about." I said thank you to them and gave a big quick hug. I felt a bit better as I raced to the stage!
I sat on the drum set, gave the cue to start the song, and there came the moment where it was time for me to shine. I finally started to play after giving the cue! I was not looking at the audience more than I was looking at my drum set while playing. Something that made me even more excited was that the audience was cheering and they were liking the song! This song was hard to learn. It is called Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. I forced my mind into not thinking about the audience. I just pictured myself playing at home normally. I tried playing with a lot of energy too. Then came my favorite part of the song, the fills! I jammed some epic fills I had practiced at home, then I played the transition back into the main beat of the song.
This is a drummer playing on stage, like how I was
My heart started to fill with joy! I knew that I would keep going with my passion. It was fun playing the drums. I started to like it even more! When the song ended, everybody walked off the stage. Then I raced to my family and gave them a big long hug. I told my dad that I would practice more since I didn't use to practice that much. I was pumped, I felt like I had springs as legs and I could jump so high in joy! I finally conquered my fear of playing the drums in front of people. I couldn't wait for my future performances. From this day on, I will always love the drums.
Happy kid, I was so happy