When I Grow Up

by Mrs Caraballo's Morning Class 4th grade


When I Grow Up
Untitled Design
Untitled Design
I'm zoologist
I love laboratory
I help animals

I cannot help all
I help them survive
I like to attend

I need to cure them
I love when their healthy
They're soft like a cloud

I need to check them
I help the environment
study animals

I need to hurry
they're going to be extinct
I will check them know
When I Grow Up
Camila B
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Abby Haiku
I have a hard task
Making the patients feel good
Schedule appointment.

Use safety glasses
Taking good care of patients
They should brush their teeth.

Take good care of teeth
Taking patients to a room
You pull out a teeth.

Ouch, ouch, ouch it hurts
You put some anesthesia
The tooth feels relaxed.

Aww, I can't resist
Sometimes people leave crying
They can't stand the pain.
When I Grow Up
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I have surgery
to do on an animal
am so tired

but I love all pets
I'm excited that I'm done
now I can relax

I take care of pets
some pets can be aggressive
there are many types

Bark, bark a dog barks
sometimes there strange animals
shots are good for pets

That's why shots are good
we take of lice of dogs
lice can kill some pets
When I Grow Up
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Mechanical Engineer
When I Grow Up
I need my money
to buy my metal
and build for my honey.

We're faster than sound
machines bigger than a house
work harder like mouse

I need a payment
and work with great men
and they work fast.

all I think of is lunch
what they hear is munch!
a bunch of people hear me.

There lot of fiction
there are a lot of machines
I can touch my tools.