A World Full of Poetry

by Orangutan Class


Poetry by Orangutan Class
Year 5
Orangutan Class
We are the Orangutan Class.
We come from Saffron Walden.
We are kind, we are positive, resilient and curious!
We have many strengths -
athletics, maths and music.
What we love most of all...
is to write more POETRY!
Inside this book are poems of various themes written by the 31 children of Orangutan class. Also included are many hand drawn illustrations and backgrounds which we had a lot of fun designing! We hope you enjoy reading and listening to our poems.
By Andrei

I am a beast.
I like to share my food as a feast.
My fur is red and I love to climb trees.
I am big as a gorilla,
So you don’t want to mess with me.
I like to climb high, high, high into a tree and swing up and down with a cup of tea.
I am playfull,
I'm silly,
I'm funny,
I'm fat as a ZOMO.
I AM WILD, I am STRONG so don’t get in my way.
Be careful.
Who am I?

I am a red, hairy creature of the trees.

I am as hungry as a vacuum and as smart as a calculator.

I am a unique tree climber, swinging across the world.

I am as strong as an earthquake, with arms as long as trees.

I am a building master.

I am an orangutan.
By Ethan
season 1 episode 6 GIF by Dream Corp LLC
What's behind the door?
Rounded Rectangle
What could my parents be hiding?
What could my parents be hiding?
What if there's a jungle in the fridge?
Or a dinosaur doing roly polys 
on the kitchen table

What could my parents be hiding?
Could there be cats playing duck duck goose?
Oh what if the dog was now a ceiling fan?

What could my parents be hiding?
A moody, grumpy desk
doubting whatever you say
or a shark and an octopus wrestling?

What could my parents be hiding?
A gorilla gambling?
Oh and of course there has to be a monkey juggling with its tail.

What could my parents be hiding?
Or could it just be a new pair of undies
because that's what I really need.
Sushi Octopus Sticker
By Lily