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Welcome to Antelope Canyon

by Tamra Bird


Welcome to Antelope Canyon Elementary!
It's nice to meet you! I am your principal, Mrs. Bird. I have been thinking about you and preparing for school to open since January.
My husband and I live in West Jordan. We raised our two daughters and son here. It's a great place for families!
I like to riding Sea-doos at Bear Lake and spending time with my family. (This is Otis, our super fast Sea Doo.)
My husband's name is Jim and he likes to golf and drive our Can-Am side-by-side.
We have a dog named Beefer. She is a miniature daschund. She likes to chase balls, but they have to be the fuzzy kind like tennis balls.
Hi everyone! I'm Mrs. Howe, your assistant principal! I am excited to be with you at Antelope Canyon and look forward to all the fun we will have and great things we will learn! I love Wonder Woman and you will see her be part of my every day adventures at school!
I love, love, love reading books, running and going on crazy adventures with my family!

I have a chocolate lab, Belle, and a white lab, Jasmine who are always eager to play and be part of our adventures!
My husband and I have one son and one daughter and two crazy dogs!! We live in West Jordan and love the neighborhood we live in.

Hello, I am Natalie Walker. I am a district Instructional Coach for Antelope Canyon. I am so excited to have this opportunity tow work alongside the amazing staff and teachers at this school. I am so impressed by their professionalism, hard work ethic, and positive attitudes during this challenging time, and know that you are all lucky to come to this school.
I currently live here in West Jordan. I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and live there a good portion of my life. I have an amazing husband and four outstanding children. My children's ages range from 12 to 23 so we have a lot going on in our home and it's fun to be a part of.